Health Dept Wastes Money on Needless Avoidable Chronic Disease Medivacs Costing Millions

Sources at RDH inform the Trust that medivac flights costing potentially millions of dollars are being used like a taxi service for chronic disease patients who do not comply with their treatment regime.

The source identified Ward 7A at RDH as a problem area rife with mismanagement. It would appear that chronic disease sufferers who require constant treatment in Darwin leave for remote communities against advice and have to medivaced back to Darwin at substantial cost to the government. In some cases the clients are repeat offenders.

The source said ” we are not talking about someone who has had a heart attack or had an accident with a chainsaw but people who know they are ill and must be treated in a specialist clinic several times a week”, “they should not be leaving the location where their treatment is” “they are costing millions that could be spent on more urgent cases”.

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