NT Government Does Not Follow Own Procurement Policy

The Trust received an email from an insider within the NT Health Department. It seems that there is either a policy or management void that allows ad hoc purchase of uniforms from outside of the NT.

The email highlighted possible copyright breaches related to images printed on the uniforms.

The firm involved is riverwest.com.au a website operated by Maxam International Trade Pty Ltd a company registered in New South Wales. It is possible that the uniforms are not printed in Australia.

Where are the buy local policies? We are sure that Territory Uniforms or Moogully would like this business.

Perhaps Natasha Fyles can explain why local businesses are not getting business and why NT Health operates in such a shambolic way. Well Natasha?

The Trust is reliably informed that the incompetent officer who was paid over $100, 000 per year has suddenly resigned. Their role was not in procurement but in social work apparently.

Yet another NTG stuff up!


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