Fyles Renal Clinic Management Fiasco

The Nightcliff Renal Clinic in the very heart of the Health Minister’s electorate appears to have major management problems.


Cleaners claim they are being asked to tramp down bins to cut costs, so that the bins only need to be emptied once a week instead of twice.


Staff cannot have water bottles in the fridge or eat at their desks.

It would seem that the manager has lost the plot and rather than focusing on health care of patients is intent on making the lives of staff in the clinic a misery.

According to sources two cleaners recently left because they were so sick of the clinic manager’s behaviour. “We are always walking on eggshells here”, “You are constantly watched”, “The way you use the microwave is analysed”, “The woman has lost the plot, she is a nut” are just some of the comments The Trust received recently about the manager of the Nightcliff Renal Clinic.

Pandemic Of Management Paranoia At Renal Clinic

It is believed by clinic staff that the manager may have “connections” to the Labor Party and Natasha Fyles. “How else could a lunatic be left in charge of the asylum?”


Neither Natasha Fyles or the Health Department made comments after emails were sent requesting comments about the management of the clinic. How many psychological injury cases will there be?

More NTG Workplace Bullying

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