ASIO’s Feast Of Fear

Russians in the ceiling, Chinese under the bed, Iranians in the cupboard and North Koreans in the back shed! Quick check, this woman looked under her bed for spies.


ASIO is pulling out all stops to scare Australians. Talk about a new cold war. This is new cold war we have to have against China. And our government agencies will stop at nothing to foster fear.

It was not that long ago that our politicians were singing the praises of China. Now spies are everywhere and infiltrating Australian society.

Just look at Coles and Woolworths shops, full of Chinese goods. Most Australian shops are stocked with goods either partly or fully manufactured in China.

Countries like Australia do not like the fact that China, a communist country has beaten the capitalists at their own game. After all it was manufacturers from Australia who moved their operations to China so that they could make more profits that saw many jobs leave Australia. It was not the Chinese.

Richard Nixon let the “Chinese Genie” out of the bottle in 1972 but before Nixon Australia’s Gough Whitlam had paid a visit in 1971 when he was opposition leader. All those nice photos on The Great Wall.

Australians can only blame the Australian Government, Australian Companies and organisations such as ASIO for the current situation. Just like a farmer prepares a seedbed for planting, ASIO is readying the Australian public for the arrest of spies.

Do not be surprised when you hear of arrests of alleged foreign agents. ASIO is massaging the zeitgeist, preparing the minds of the populous for what they have planned. Will you be taken in?

Are you engaging in the xenophobia injected into society by ASIO?

Better stop eating Chinese food lest you be accused of being a spy!

chinese take away

Will Chinese food be banned in Australia?

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