Government Ignoring The People – Crime, Corona and Booze Dominate

This is our 600th post. We continue to call out the NT Government as the most incompetent, inept and corrupt body politic in Australia. Members of The Trust continue to hold the NT Government to account. Sadly most Territorians do not care and that is why the NT is in such a mess. Governments must be held to account.

A so-called rural area crime spree has hit the headlines and highlighted that there are insufficient police resources. Residents talk of once leaving cars unlocked and keys in the ignition. They have to understand that urban growth is changing the very nature of the rural fringe in the greater Darwin area. Increased crime is part of this change and wanting to be rural hicks will only bring more crime.

The Trust has been hearing a lot of talk of shooting thieves from some people living in the rural area. Is this just bravado to impress mates at the pub?


COVID-19 has shown that the government really does not have plans and is just muddling through. And when questions get asked there is silence, redaction and spin. Our politicians and bureaucrats are very much like those rural area residents mouthing off about crime in the pub. Those who upset the government will be hounded and run out of town.

Finally we come to Dan Murphy’s  or Dream Time as some NT residents say. Dan Murphy’s is not the issue. The question must be asked, why do Aboriginal people become alcoholics? Why do they have addictive tendencies? Why should their addictive tendencies determine how the majority of people have to live? Just go and look at the ghettos they are made to live in, no wonder they resort to booze.



One thought on “Government Ignoring The People – Crime, Corona and Booze Dominate

  1. Threats to put youths in crocodile infested rivers and crocodile farm. Lots of nutters in rural area. Too many criminals out here, drug growing, illegal weapons, dangerous dogs and thieves. Chances are all the stealing is from one of our own residents. Not enough general police patrols to keep an eye on people. Remote cameras would be great to monitor side roads.


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