A Hidden Hand That Oils The Wheels For Some?

Is there a hidden hand that oils the wheels for some people in the NT? Do some people get preferential treatment, a tip off phone call, get put at the front of the queue or get more than their rightful share?

We are referring to brotherhoods and guilds. In particular Masonic Orders. Unlike the likes of Dan Brown we see less conspiracy and more of what is a purely transactional and just corrupt.

The very foundations of the United States of America were created by a great many who were members of Masonic Orders. Many of the symbols of the United States bear the hallmark of the Masonic Orders.  The Eye of Providence and the Washington Monument being two of these.

The late Australian art critic Robert Hughes in the first episode of his American Visions, a television series about the history of art in the United States discusses the role of the Masonic Orders. Most interestingly Hughes suggests that the artist Man Ray was rejecting this Masonic influence with the piece titled Object to Be Destroyed.

With all this discussion of the United States you wonder how there is any connection to the Northern Territory. Masonic Orders are very much all pervasive. Jokes about special handshakes aside, what we are discussing is very real and a handshake may open the door of opportunity to some and deny it to others. Whose palm is being greased?

In 2002 Gerard Henderson the then executive director of the Sydney Institute wrote an article that appeared in The Age titled The secret we should all be let in on about the Masonic Orders. Henderson wanted light to be shone into the dark recesses of those commonly known as the Masons.

Henderson’s article highlighted a connection between political power and membership of the Masonic Order.

More recently in 2018 Dawn Foster of The Guardian in her article titled Secret Freemasons should have no place in public life  wrote Don’t be distracted by the handshakes and funny aprons – we should be holding the masons to account

Although Foster was referring to matters in the UK there is no doubt that the core business of the Masons will be very similar across the globe.

What then of of the Masonic Order in the Northern Territory?

The Masonic Lodge got off to great start in Darwin in 1896. The report in the Northern Territory Times and Gazette of Friday the 15th of May 1896 names one Paul Foelsche as a prominent member.

Yes that same Paul Foelsche, a South Australian police officer, accused of having Aboriginal blood on his hands. In 2014 a report by the ABC criticised an exhibition for glossing over Foelsche’s massacres.



The Age

The Guardian 1

The Guardian 2

Network Perspective

Many will tell you that Masonic Orders are great. Just social clubs, charities that help people. But there will always be those who help themselves. Any organisation based on secrecy and selectivity will always be quite rightfully brought into question. Why have so many Australian politicians, judges, solicitors, barristers and business magnates been members of the Masonic Order? What were those in the past seeking? The exact same those in the present seek, the key to power, wealth and the head of the queue.

If it is not the Masonic Order it will be any other vehicle that serves as a way to power and wealth. The old school tie network, a society or some other club. If you want a corruption free society then you cannot have secret societies.

Kylar Loussikian writing in The Sydney Morning Herald of September 3 2019 noted the old school tie as a factor in a political corruption scandal. Worth thinking about!



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