NT Government Wasting Taxpayer Borrowed Money Yet Again

The NT Government continues to waste borrowed money yet again. More consultants who were once employed in by the NT Government and were not very good.

Tender D20-0290 is an example. The awarded contractor Education Changemakers Pty Ltd is headed by Dave Faulkner who was once a Regional Director of Education in the Barkly. He came to the NT in the heady days of Education CEO Gary Barnes, in retrospect the Barnes era is viewed as a period of spin and a giant waste of money.

The fact that a government agency cannot contact teachers employed within that agency and ask them about about non-teaching duties says a lot. Another $157,560.00 wasted on consultants from out of the NT.

Why does the NT Government keep bringing people back? Many of these “consultants” are legends in their own minds. Their success is only a figment of the revisionist history that they have created for themselves.

TENDER D20-0290

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