Peeling The Onion On Consultants And Other So-Called Experts

Bring something incomprehensible into the world!

Gilles Deleuze

It seems that many have taken Deleuze at his word!

Northern Territory taxpayers are shelling out millions of dollars each year on meaningless drivel delivered by self proclaimed experts who quite often are past employers of the Northern Territory public service.

Here are just a few examples found by The Trust. We might call the jargon used, “Deleuzens” after Gilles Deleuze! These quotes are taken from businesses that have won tenders in the Northern Territory or from associated entities.

The teacher’s program provides powerful and motivating strengths-based feedback from colleagues, supervisors and students, giving insights as to what’s making the biggest impact on learning.Teachers are guided to build on their strengths and provided with suggestions to help them reflect on, and refine their practices to improve their impact for students.This school-facilitated program has been designed to seamlessly integrate with, and support, your existing school performance, coaching and development processes. AT MY BEST


Dave Faulkner

Dave Faulkner

Dave’s job is to work closely with education leaders to craft an ideal training and support package that changes schools. Specifically, he will work with you to distil your school or network goals (he is a former Regional Education Director and District Superintendent), balance key education trends with evidence-based approaches (Dave has spoken on the world’s largest education stages alongside Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra and John Hattie), and then ensure that all EC training and support is relevant and achievable within a school setting (he has held four Principalships). Dave works with senior education leaders across Australia, the United States and Europe to develop breakthrough education initiatives, is the co-author of our two books Edupreneur and Dream Team and is a co-founder of Education Changemakers. Educationchangemakers


We need to focus on social and emotional learning to provide the right balance to our cognitive skillset. These are the skills for the new economy and the only way to have students and employees who thrive. Louka Parry

Louka Parry
An associate of Dave Faulkner

All of this is totally incomprehensible and designed to be so. The use of such jargon in the nothingburger that the taxpayer is stumping up the cash for sounds great but has no substance. Take Dave Faulkner for example and his time in the Barkly; did he improve literacy rates and school attendance? Now the Northern Territory is paying him again for another nothingburger!


In 19th century USA these people were called snake oil salesmen.


Even worse are those who create the opportunities for the snake oil nothingburger salespeople. Yes the Northern Territory Government, wasting more of your tax dollar.

The Northern Territory Government, Wasting More Of Your Tax Dollar


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