Are You Being White Anted?

Are you being white anted? We are not talking about your house and garden but you personally. It is so easy to start a white ant campaign to shaft a colleague in the workplace or a former friend socially.

Here are some of techniques that are used with rather monotonous regularity that seem to gain the attention of those in power.

The perpetrator of the white anting usually plays the victim. They claim that their target is for example not saying hello or good morning and if the target is saying hello or good morning there is something “creepy” about the tone of their voice.

The I do not feel comfortable line is yet another white anting standard. The perpetrator strategically tells selected colleagues and supervisors that they do not feel comfortable around their chosen target.

It could be in the eyes! Yes eyes, the eyes have it! This white anting line goes something like “I do not like the way X looks at me”.

While it may seem trivial it certainly is not for those who are targeted. Baseless allegations recorded in government databases could be misinterpreted and misused resulting in damage to reputation and ability to earn a living. And this is only from what might be considered lower level white anting.

Further white anting techniques include:

  • Setting the target up for failure, example: giving insufficient time to complete tasks;

  • Micro managing;

  • Leaving the target deliberately out of emails and meetings;

  • Spreading rumours and false information (as previously discussed)

  • Filtering work in other directions, rather than to the target;

  • Resisting new ideas and initiatives especially those suggested by the target;

  • Forming alliances with others (ganging up);

  • Stealing ideas from the target and passing them off as their own.

Extreme white anting can involve allegations of assault, theft, rape and fraud. LINK



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