Michael Gunner’s Big Fail On Mick Dodson

Our Chief Minister has failed yet again! A lack of transparency,, cronies and cover ups give a great look. Yes we are talking about the alleged antics of Mick Dodson and Michael Gunner who has done nothing but avoid the situation.

No doubt the spin doctors have been writing some lines to be used in damage control for Gunner and his sidekick Uibo.

Professor Dodson had a momentary lapse of judgement.

Professor Dodson unfortunately has to resign because of (insert here death in the family, serious illness, caring for sick relative).

To the best of my recollection I have never heard of any allegations againstĀ  Professor Dodson.

I don’t recall.

It all sounds like CLP muck raking.

Remember it was Michael Gunner who appointed Mick Dodson with much fanfare, now Gunner has gone to ground.

As for the treaty, it is just a cynical political exercise and a waste of money that needs to be buried. Perhaps Mick Dodson should have been employed to reduce the impact of the so-called Aboriginal rape culture identified by Aboriginal people themselves.


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