Judicial Commission – Another Flop?

Have a complaint about a judge in the NT? On 3 July 2020 a proposed law titled the Judicial Commission Act 2020 (NT) was assented to by the Administrator of NT, this law has not commenced yet.

On 20 May 2021 expressions of interest from community members were called by the Attorney-General to join the Judicial Commission. The Judicial Commission will be set up by the end of 2021. LINK 1 NT Gov Newsroom

The Trust knows that the Attorney-General will nominate the individuals who are recommended by the Legal Policy Unit of the Department if the Attorney-General and Justice. The Director of the Legal Policy Unit is the person who will really decide who the community members on the Judicial Commission will be.

The Judicial Commission will have four lawyers and two community members. Will this Judicial Commission favour those it is designed to oversee?

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