NT Government Chaos And Tragedy!

The Northern Territory Government is in chaos. ICAC is in scandal mode, the Commissioner in charge of the prison system is “missing”, the Children’s Commissioner is on leave due to some very serious allegations, the Treaty Commissioner had to “jump ship”, the list just goes on and on. And to add to the mess we are told Barnaby Joyce will be visiting the NT. A bit like putting a turd on vomit.


What amazes The Trust is the fact that nothing changes with government in the NT. The government keeps doing the same thing over and over knowing full well that the results will be a fail yet again. This is why we need Jacinta Price and not Sam McMahon.

A report from the ABC regarding the suicide of a girl aged nine is yet another tragedy for the NT. LINK

The girl had been in foster care for many years. The Trust has been reliably informed that the foster carers had originally been operating a small childcare centre at their house in the northern suburbs of Darwin. They then decided to become foster parents. Yes it was a business move. A neighbour of the house where the suicide occurred stated that the couple were “farming Aboriginals”!

After the suicide the foster parents removed all of the facilities they had built for the foster children, left Darwin and rented their house. The Trust would like to know whether or not the NT Government had to pay the foster parents “off” or whether there is any potential legal liability regarding the foster parents?

Perhaps Ken Davies and Kate Worden can give us an answer?

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