NT Government A Total Sham Run By Airheads And Elected By Airheads!

Territorians get what they deserve. The Trust has been stating that the Northern Territory Government is operated by a bunch of amateurs. Put simply the government is not professional in many respects. From cabinet ministers to cleaners there are issues not with all but a thread runs through the organisation that mediocre is best. Territorians are not getting the level of services they should.

Michael Gunner, the Chief Minister has essentially admitted that he is asleep at the wheel and so are the rest of his ministerial team. Ministers who do not know what happens within their portfolio when it suits them.

But the CLP should not be gloating, they are just the same. Labor and the CLP are just like two shitty generic colas, cheap and nasty. Territorians get what they vote for. So do not whinge when Michael Gunner gives away 12 million dollars in a corrupt deal orchestrated by a public servant.

So how many other dodgy deals have been done?

The NT News of 26 June 2021

Will Michael Gunner have legislation to control lobbyists enacted in the NT? Will he control the use of consultants? Will he control his mates? Will he distance himself from the corporate box?



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