Woe To The Whistleblower Yet Again

Once again it can be said it is woe to the whistleblower. Whistleblowers from within the NT public service will always face an uphill battle. The government and that includes NT ICAC will always paint a whistleblower as a bitter and twisted employee with performance issues. Ken Fleming has done that to the script that has been used so many times.

Want to get on in the NT public service, shut up and do a lot of arse licking. Rock the boat and you are out.


The link goes to a submission to the Estimates Committee from John Lawrence SC representing an individual referred to as “B”. “B” is a whistleblower.

From what The Trust has read about the NT ICAC it would seem that there is a culture problem within ICAC itself. Has Ken Fleming allowed the dark triad into his office?


Is Ken Fleming a psychopathic manager who wants sycophantic subordinates?

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