NT Independent Outs Matt Williams In Turf Club Grandstand Saga In Yet Another Swipe At The NT News

The war between the NT Independent and the NT News has hotted up again. The NT Independent names Matt Williams as a “mysterious senior media figure” identified in the ICAC investigation report regarding the $12 million grandstand.

Williams has had a close association with the horse racing fraternity, he was once the national racing and sports wagering editor in Melbourne for News Corp. He is no stranger from the corporate box or marquee at Fannie Bay.

Do Christopher Walsh and David Wood have a feud with the NT News? Do they have a feud with all other media organisations in the NT? They also manage to drag in Katie Woolf from Mix 104.9 in a separate story about Brett Dixon and the grandstand,

Talk about the gift that keeps giving. The Darwin Turf Club grandstand matter has only just begun.


Matt Williams no stranger at Fannie Bay racecourse.

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