Why Bother With Laws When Everyone Wants To Be An Exception or Claims An Exemption?

The ordinary person at the Coles or Woolworths checkout has to abide by the law. The Trust has noticed a great number of articles where individuals are whinging that they have to follow the law like everyone else.

Here is one example that we refer to, Quade Cooper complaining his application for citizenship has been rejected several times. Rejected because he has not fulfilled the legal requirements. Just because Quade Cooper happens to play football is irrelevant.

The Trust suggests that Mr Cooper go back to New Zealand rather thinking he has a special case in Australia.


Image if you were waiting at the accident and emergency section of a hospital, you have been there for hours with a broken leg waiting to see a doctor. Then Quade Cooper waltzes in with a sore finger and says “I am a footy star” suddenly he is rushed in to see the dr. That is exactly what Quade is doing with citizenship. Just follow the law and stop whinging.


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