MyHR Fraud Rife

Time theft. What is an hour off here and there? There are constant whispers that many of those employed by the Northern Territory Government either are not recording their leave or are falsely recording their leave. Yes, getting paid for not working.

Instead of being at work, public servants are at dentists, Drs, at school sporting activities, the list goes on…… . Nothing wrong if these public servants take approved leave and it is recorded. Seems much of this “leave” is not being recorded.

If you work in the private sector you probably cannot just have “leave” when you like. According to our sources many of those employed by NTG are “taking the piss” when it comes to leave.

Paul Kirby and Vicki Telfer are like stagnant water, we will see no innovation or reform from the minister or the commissioner. The do nothing duo. Full of spin, as they say “just piss and wind”.


Perhaps Paul Kirby’s union affiliations mean he supports a bit of time rorting? Just sayin.

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