Now We Know NT ICAC Is An Effing Joke!

According to  Sky News and the NT News a Dr Robyn Smith worked for ICAC. The NT Independent on November 15 2020 gave this brief biography on Dr Smith.

Dr Robyn Smith is a Conjoint Fellow at the University of Newcastle, a PhD (Political History), Master of Cultural Heritage and Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Anthropology) from Darwin. She is well written on the history, heritage and politics of the Northern Territory and is presently researching frontier massacre sites in that territory.

We would have expected that ICAC would be using individuals qualified in law and investigations. This is just another example of how much of a sick joke the NT ICAC really is.

Michael Riches, the ICAC that you now run appears to be an amateur outfit. Why not hire a cleaning company to do investigations?

Is ICAC now really an anthropology organisation?

Darwin Turf Club Grandstand Unfinished Business!


Is Dr Smith friends with someone in ICAC? Just sayin!

We wonder how Dr Smith copes under cross examination?

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