NT Public Transport Worst In Australia!

A Trust member recently read some of the material being published by Scott Bowman from CDU (Vice-Chancellor) and was impressed enough to mention it in one of our meetings. Bowman’s visions for CDU are impressive, he seems to be full of energy and has a vision. No doubt CDU will improve under his stewardship.

A growing university needs a good public transport system. Sadly public transport in the NT has stagnated for decades. The bus system does not provide an adequate service. Security on buses is a worry so people decide not to take the bus.

New routes are needed and the service times need to be extended beyond the current hours of operation. Drunks and other undesirables have to be strategically targeted with zero tolerance measures. And if a certain group of people are banned then it is their own fault. Behave or walk.

Increased safety of bus travellers - Department of ...


Why would potential university students come to a city with poor public transport that is unsafe?

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