Proudly Born And Bred In The NT – Not An Asset For Deputy ICAC CEO

Commissioner Riches should have his number two drop the proudly born and bred in the Northern Territory bit from his mini biography. It is worrying that Matthew Grant is responsible for leading the operations of the Office of the ICAC including, investigations, preventions and the business service functions. Mr Grant is effectively the gatekeeper, he decides what will be investigated and what will not. John Lawrence SC was correct in 2019 when the ABC quoted him as saying the appointment [of Mr Grant]  sent the public the wrong message, from a body set up to be fiercely independent. LINK

What do the Grant Clan discuss at family get-togethers?

grant M

His shirt collar may be open, but is Mr Grant’s mind when it comes to corruption in the NT? Perception counts for a lot, we doubt Mr Grant’s position would be tenable if subjected to a “pub test”, yes that  fair-minded and informed observer.

Why are we noting this matter again? The Trust considers Commissioner Riches proposals to limit investigations as scope for conflicts of interest to thrive. So mates get off.

Riches and Grant have both been police officers, plenty of opportunity and motivation to look the other way when a dodgy police mate is in the shit!

NT ICAC could be mistaken for Territory Families!



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