The Most Dumbest People In Australia -Northern Territorians

They show up for so-called Freedom Rallies, do not want to be vaccinated against diseases (not only COVID), yet do absolutely nothing about corruption. Politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats, consultants, big business and host of other cronies are robbing us blind. Yet we do not hear a peep from these freedom seeking dummies.

If these freedom loving Northern Territorians thought a bit more they would be fighting corruption first. Demanding reforms on a constant basis, demanding action from their local member all the time and using the ballot box. These strategies are more likely to be successful. They may find that their demanded freedoms are also respected.

Poorly organised knee-jerk rabble events achieve nothing. We only need to look at the government response to Banana Freckle in the NT. An easy comparison can be made with the response to  COVID 19. There were save our banana rallies, court cases, lock outs but in the end no small banana grower got “just terms”. Those who thought they were in the movie The Castle thought wrong. But there they were, yep waving the Australian Constitution.

So freedom loving Northern Territorians need to look long term, think like an ant, wasp or bee then constantly attack what is wrong. By sheer weight of numbers focusing on the weak spots within the NT Government, someone will buckle and reform is more likely, Those weak spots are all related to corruption in one form or another. Remember it is the scandal, the dodgy deal, nepotism, cronyism, bullying and all the other wrong doing if exposed that will force change.

"Murder Hornets" Attack Honeybee's Nest {VIDEO} - Science Vibe


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