The Questions We Need Answers To

Way back in the early 1970’s journalists were asking if US President Richard Nixon was on illicit drugs, drinking too much alcohol and whether he was seeing a psychiatrist.

These are the same questions we should be putting to our elected members in the NT.

Hon Ngaree Ah Kit
Ms Marie-Clare Boothby
Mr Joel Bowden
Mr Joshua Burgoyne
Mr Lawrence Costa
Mr Steven Edgington
Mrs Lia Finocchiaro
Hon Natasha Fyles
Hon Michael Gunner
Mr Yingiya (Mark) Guyula
Mrs Jo Hersey
Hon Paul Kirby
Mrs Robyn Lambley
Hon Eva Lawler
Mr Gerard Maley
Hon Nicole Manison
Mr Mark Monaghan
Hon Lauren Moss
Hon Chanston Paech
Ms Kezia Purick
Mr Mark Turner
Hon Selena Uibo
Hon Kate Worden
Mr William Yan
Mr Dheran Young

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