More Anti-Vax Madness

Just go and get vaccinated. Stop whinging and face reality. The reality is that Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is contagious and kills some people.

Conspiracy theories are simply that at the present time, just conspiracy theories. The protesters need to take a reality check and stop being professional whingers. What amazes us here at The Trust is that these anti-vax idiots do not have the passion to take on real issues such as government corruption. Not a f**king peep.

Then we have United NT Businesses (UNTB) apparently lead by Mario Tsirbas.  Then there is UNTB solicitor Danial Kelly, is Mr Kelly just the solicitor or is he a believer? We should note that Mr Kelly contested the 2020 election for Territory Alliance in the division of Casuarina where he received 730 primary votes to Lauren Moss’s 2307.

The Territory Alliance website states next to a video of Mr Kelly that:

We believe in positive and healthy collaborations with like minded people. We believe that our diversity is an asset. We believe that we can have different ideas and opinions yet remain respectful of each other.

What a bunch of mumbo jumbo!

It is also noted that the NT Independent gave good coverage to UNTB. Could it be that Owen Pike has a connection to UNTB?

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