Turning A Blind Eye To Corruption

It was Nazi war leader Albert Speer who came up with excuse that he should have known but did not know, Speer also stated that he turned his back on things he did not know. Quite amazing but Speer managed to convince a majority of judges at the Nuremberg war crimes trials that he was not so bad and was therefore not sentenced to death.

We do not like to use references to war criminals. However the Speer defence of not knowing when he should have and turning his back on things he should have known almost fits perfectly with the way Michael Riches is operating ICAC.

It seems that Riches is turning his back on corruption, that he is selecting what he knows and does not know. He hardly inspires confidence to any would-be whistleblower.

From the perspective of The Trust it would appear that Riches is diluting the ICAC, making it weaker. Is he doing the bidding of politicians such as Michael Gunner?


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