Reign Of The Psychopaths

Many people at the controls of government are psychopaths.

Psychopaths typically lack empathy and remorse. They are self-centred, manipulative, unemotional, deceitful, insincere and self-aggrandising.

But they are also fearless and confident, which helps them present as potentially resourceful employees and gain employment. LINK

One in five bosses is a psychopath, research reveals

Clive Boddy YouTube

The reality of corporate psychopaths

Workplace bullies-and corporate psychopaths

Bullies, thieves and chiefs

As supervisors, executives and peers, corporate psychopathic leaders are, at best, hard to work for, and at worst, nightmarish abusers. Because they are often hired as disruptors to provide ‘strong leadership’ and make ‘hard decisions’ in hierarchies, they are often invulnerable to the effect of complaints. They do not tolerate dissent or entertain complaints and relish the power they exert over subordinates and the abusive reputation they have as leaders. Where dissent or complaint is tolerated, it is usually ignored, or at least placed in a system where the outcome can be controlled. They are masters of containing complaint, not only through effective control of their subordinates, but also through the careful management of information flowing upward and laterally. Bullying in this context is normal; but usually done in ways just beneath the threshold of legal action. These activities include “conversations” in the office, behind closed doors; bullying indirectly through line managers; denying necessary resources granted to favourites; actions intended to retard career progression, and deniable verbal abuse. Such conduct is always calculated to avoid direct evidence of bullying, or done in ways that allows reframing. 

DT f

Sheehy, Boddy & Murphy 2020 Corporate law and corporate psychopaths in Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

The Northern Territory Government is riddled with psychopaths. There can be no other explanation for their behaviour.

Is your manager inside the toxic triangle?

Contaminated Waste Disposal London | Hazardous Waste ...


My Boss is a Psychopath! | Caveman in a Suit

Psychopaths reign in the Northern Territory Government.


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