Who Gives A RAT’s

Australians are in a panic about getting Rapid Antigen Test kits.

'All symptomatic negative COVID-19 cases of RAT should be ...

Why? Panic caused by government. It would seem that Australian politicians revel in this public panic. Australian people are sheep. They fail to see the real issues and are just followers of politically induced panic that is aided by a sensationalist mass media.

When we get old we die. This is a fact. So there is nothing new nor novel about an 85 year old dying. Why does the media make a song and dance about an 85 year old dying from COVID? Most often if we drill down into the facts we discover the deceased had a number of other health issues besides COVID. This comorbidity is conveniently omitted by the media in the interests of sensationalism.

And we can note the same approach in the headline 35 Year old Body Builder Dies of COVID, we later discover that the 35 year old had diabetes and his toes amputated.

Australians are manipulated like lab rats by politicians and the media.

Rat Study Points to Role of Uterus in Memory | The ...

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