Lobbyists Influence Governments For A Sweet Deal While The Masses Are Shafted!

We at The Trust assert that lobbyists are perverting the function of government and ultimately denying most people of benefits in one form or another. Ever been in a queue only to see someone ushered in through a side door? That feeling you had is exactly how you should feel about lobbyists.

Whilst we are not suggesting that lobbyists should be shot (well not just yet) we are suggesting that they must be controlled by legislation in the Northern Territory. Lobbyists left uncontrolled pose a grave corruption risk for the Northern Territory Government. Who are are our politicians and other public officers taking orders from? What benefits are lobbyists giving?

COVID is no excuse not get legislative drafters to work on legislation to control lobbyists.

At this stage we can only conclude that both major political parties in the NT support current free for all where lobbyists run the show.



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