Viscount Mersey Cover-Up Judge?

A majority of Trust members believe that judges are not always independent. Governments can use judges to achieve certain things, judges are human, they hold religious, political and no doubt sexual beliefs (we were going use “positions” but decided “beliefs” would be more appropriate). We only need consider the Stella Maris affair in the Northern Territory in regard to the political persuasion of judges.

We use the historical example of Lord Mersey to show how a judge can ensure things go nowhere except the way of the establishment. You become a Lord by doing the bidding of the establishment.

John Bigham, 1st Viscount Mersey is seen as a cover-up judge, used by government and private enterprise to whitewash and make things go away.

Titanic COVER-UP: Documents reveal inquiry 'BUTCHERED by Freemasons' |  Weird | News |

In the book How to Survive the Titanic or The Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay author Frances Wilson notes that Lord Mersey was an old hand at dodging the issue (p. 232). Wilson also quotes from the New York Times where it was stated that Mersey had a record for official blindness to well-known facts.

The Jameson Raid

When Mersey was an MP for Liverpool Exchange he orchestrated a whitewash in an inquiry into the Jameson Raid.


The British Seafarers’ Union stated that the inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic had been a whitewash. The union noted that The ruling classes rob and plunder the people all the time.

Lusitania and Empress of Ireland

Lord Mersey was in his element during WW1, all his techniques were now seen as being patriotic.

Release of Private Journals Link

The recent release of a private journal belonging to Mersey detailing his private thoughts at the time are irrelevant, Mersey should have made his private thoughts public at the time. We can only assume he did not because he wanted to remain part of the establishment.

Who is the Lord Mersey of the Northern Territory?

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