Floods And Food Security – Governments Reinvent The Wheel

Australia is supposedly an advanced country yet we continually have problems with floods cutting the supply chain to the NT and creating food security problems. It seems that each Australian state and territory has to reinvent the wheel rather than learn from the previous experiences of other jurisdictions.

We suggest that the government do a bit of research and read some of the work of Smith and Lawrence.

From disaster management to adaptive governance? Governance challenges to achieving resilient food systems in Australia

The resilience of long and short food chains: a case study of flooding in Queensland, Australia


Our team did a rapid analysis of the issue. We found the following issues:

  1. Just in time inventory management
  2. Australian supermarket duopoly
  3. Infrastructure deficiencies (lack of investment in roads and bridges)
  4. A lack of government planning for domestic disasters
  5. A lack of storage in the NT
  6. Reliance on road transport
  7. A single railway line from South Australia
  8. A lack of a railway line from the NT to Queensland
  9. The decline of domestic sea freight

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