COVID Deaths In NT

Dodgy statistics and lies are very common forms of communication from the Northern Territory Government.

Consider a person who drives their car directly at a tree due to a tyre blowout and as a result dies. They were also positive for COVID, had a severe cough and were going to see a medical doctor. A COVID death?

Consider a person with multiple health issues that include kidney failure, rheumatic heart disease, scabies and diseased teeth. They are positive for COVID, had no symptoms and die in bed at home. A COVID death?

There is no need to waste more tax payer money on any investigations of COVID related deaths in the Northern Territory.

Take a reality check and realise that diseases kill. Then consider the need to be vaccinated rather than listening to lunatics from the USA and home grown attention seekers such as David Cole.

Sask. residents who got AstraZeneca vaccine as first doses ...

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