The Alice Out Of Control!

The crime situation in Alice Springs suggests several things, the do-gooder bleeding hearts will not like to hear.

  • Crime is out of control
  • Some parents either will or cannot control their children
  • Many people have meaningless lives of welfare dependency interrupted by violence
  • Illiteracy is rife
  • The criminals do not care
  • Prisons are seen as a holiday better than home (what home?)
  • Drop in centres need to run 24/7 365 days a year

These are just some of the issues.

Perhaps the penalties are too soft? 

'Beyond excruciating': When it comes to brutality ...

Members of The Trust have been surprised that vigilante groups have not been forming in Alice Springs.

"Intense" Stephen King Batman and Robin Story on Podcast ...

Robin: Will we call Commissioner Chalker?

Batman: No Robin, we not be calling anyone.

Robin: Why?

Batman: This is Alice Springs. We will take these criminals 100 kms out of town and dump them in the middle of nowhere!

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