With NTG – One Day A Saint Next A Sinner

We have seen it so many times with the Northern Territory Government, a new employee is lauded, they are off having coffees with the movers and shakers of the agency. Soon they up to their necks engaging in nepotism and conspiracy. We could say they are the flavour of the month.

But oh how things can change in NTG where the line between a saint and a sinner is apt to change at anytime. It must be like working on a fault line where an earthquake can occur at any moment. Perhaps a senior sponsor retires, transfers or there is a restructure. The ground changes and the saint is no longer mixing with the in set they have become a sinner.

We provide a link to a case as an example. This case shows how NTG deals with employees. We provide this case for education purposes. LINK

Imagine having the same departmental “dirty tricks” that you used to “screw over” others turned on you!


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