Calling Ambulance – I Got No Food!

Yet another only in the Northern Territory moment occurred, people calling an ambulance because they have no food.

The do-gooders will tell you that these people are suffering from generational trauma sand that is why they spend all their money gambling, smoking and drinking booze. Stuff buying food and clothing when you can just call up the ambulance. Why noy get a free bed at the RDH, Royal Darwin Hotel arrive in style in an ambulance.

The Trust is not comprised of do-gooders who make excuses for people who cannot manage their money. Sure things are getting hard in Australia but the NT Government cannot foot the bill all the time when individuals are being paid by the Commonwealth (social security) and wasting the money.

There is no joking about this matter. A person will die because an ambulance will be sent to one of these nuisance ambulance requests. Imagine that someone is bleeding to death and the only ambulance was going to deal with someone wanting a meat pie and a cup of tea instead.

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