Teachers Still Banned In NT Despite Shortage

Some registered teachers are still precluded from employment with the NT Education Department despite a teacher shortage while other teachers are fighting to obtain registration.

Recent information provided to The Trust suggests strongly that Teacher Registration Board (TRB) is not independent of the Education Department and therefore the NT Government.

Our source claims that the TRB is being used to preclude teachers that the Education Department “does not like”. The example cited is that of a teacher convicted and then acquitted who wishes to be put back to the position they were in prior to the conviction. In order to reach such a position they must be registered as a teacher but the TRB has refused to register them as they are not considered a fit and proper person to be a teacher, a person of ill repute.

Teachers' Day: 6 Ways to Show Respect to Your Teacher - Sada El balad

Will teachers from India be recruited to plug the gaps? It may be a case of welcome to the 3 R’s of the NT, RAPED, ROBBED AND RORTED!

The 3 R’s of the Northern Territory, RAPED, ROBBED AND RORTED!

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