Government Using Hotels For Wadeye Criminals Who Destroyed Government Provided Housing

This is the story the NT Government does not want you to hear. The government has taken up most if not all of the hostel accommodation in Darwin for the so-called “Wadeye victims”. There is a shortage of accommodation so hotels are having to be used to fill the short-fall with a big mark up,  no surprises there. Perhaps we could use that term so often used by the NT Government, special measures.

So people destroy government provided housing and then get put up in a hotel while other people remain homeless. The Fyles Labor Government is pandering to race politics, we have nothing to be sorry about.

The NT has a do-gooder problem, do-gooders are paternalistic patronising individuals who pretend to help Aboriginals they even mimic Aboriginal English. In reality they create dependency and therefore perpetuate the cycle of misery.

Worried about your tax dollar? Contact Eva Lawler and ask her about the costs of Wadeye.

Contact Eva:

8999 5397

8936 5566

Tenancy TS3, Gateway Shopping Centre, 1
Roystonea Avenue, Yarrawonga NT 0830
PO Box 400, Palmerston, NT 0831
Parliament House, Darwin, NT 0800
GPO Box 3146, Darwin, NT 0801
Fax: 8936 5616

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