Frank Daly Winning On Dodgy Recruitment And Selection According To ICAC

Frank Daly and Natasha Fyles what a combination when it comes to all things dodgy. According to NT ICAC Commissioner Michael Riches the NT Health Department leads the way it comes to dodgy recruitment and selection.

The three public bodies that are the subject of most allegations to my office relating to impropriety
in recruitment (in order from highest to lowest) are the:
• Department of Health
• Department of Education
• Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

And we wonder what Vicki Telfer is doing in the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment? Endorsing all things dodgy?

Read the report here. LINK

NT OPINION: NT Health boss Frank Daly's Royal Darwin Hospital changes ...

Frank Daly a winner when it comes to dodgy recruitment and selection. He managed to beat Karen Weston from the Education Department. Well done Frank.

When it comes to winners why not enjoy drink?

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