Chalker A Another PC Plod!

Jamie Chalker likes to dazzle us with his politically correct language while he throws police officers under the bus.

Chalker is indicative of all the upper echelons of the NT Government, they will do anything to ensure their own survival including having someone charged for murder based politically correct reasons. Chalker is now using politically correct “wank speak”. Note he popped in First Nations but has not a clue of the origins of this North American term.

“I’m not sure that the imagery of Australian soldiers, who are here to serve our country, dealing with First Nations people in a way that sees them having to arrest them and place Commissioner Chalker said “functionally broken” services in remote communities over decades were pushing residents into service centres such as Alice Springs. them in police vehicles and alike, is the imagery we really want for Australia,” Commissioner Chalker said. Source ABC

How different things would have been for a certain police officer if had of shot say a person of Thai origins for example.

The elephant in the room again!

The Elephant in the Room - The Menopause - Over The Hilda

The origin of First Nations peoples can be traced back to the original inhabitants of North America, who have lived on the continent for thousands of years. The term “First Nations” is used in Canada to refer to the indigenous peoples of the country, including the Inuit and Métis. The ancestors of these groups migrated to North America from Asia through the Bering Strait, and over time developed distinct cultures, languages, and traditions.

So who is Jamie Chalker talking about? Who is the idiot writing the crap that comes out of Chalker’s mouth?

Once again Australians copying Americans and Canadians!


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