Voice To Parliament Referendum Suckers

You can vote YES in the referendum and that is nice. But what legislation you get is another thing. Sure the Labor Party may come up with some great idea while they are in power. However parliaments change over time. The day will come when the so-called Voice will be a nothing because the Voice Act was amended.

We cannot see drunks in the Todd River rising and saying “we have a voice brother I am cured, rejoice in Albo the saviour has come”, now I can go and get a job.

At Vesteys Beach another voice miracle occurs, hallelujah I hear the word of the voice, no more swearing and fighting on bus.

Dr Albo’s Medicine Show

Dr Albo’s All Purpose Medicine “The Voice” Guaranteed to cure all ailments known to man and beast.  Make the blind see, cure alcoholics, illiterates read and write and criminals reform, just a few of the ways that “The Voice” can cure you.

Dr Albo tells us that just two sips of “The Voice” can turn ANZAC Day into Christmas Day!


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