Boundless Bans

Alcoholics are notorious for drinking almost anything containing alcohol. Ethanol is the alcohol that is wine, beer and spirits. In desperation some people will drink denatured alcohol (methylated spririts) ethanol that has had methanol and other chemicals added to it to stop people drinking it. Metho is toxic.

Then there are the cooking essences such as vanilla and lemon that contain ethanol. Other sources include mouthwash.

For those who are little more creative why not make your own. Just needs yeast and sugar.

Shops impose self-imposed bans on essences, mouthwash, metho and yeast. Where does it stop?

4 Liter casks were banned years ago, you have to show ID to buy alcohol and now there is a floor price that just sent prices up for everyone.

You cannot walk through a drive through, cannot buy a cask after 6pm and have to have shoes on to purchase alcohol.

Seems all these actions are aimed at one group of people that we can never openly identify because of political correctness. Something is very wrong with the Northern Territory that will never be fixed until the problem is openly discussed.

In the Australian film Sunday Too Far Away (1975) there is a great scene with a cook who  has a taste for lemon essence, a so-called ‘lemon essence man’.


Empty vanilla essence bottles, a mouth wash and a soft drink bottle left in the dirt


Update One

We hear that people are even banned by the NT Government. Simply amazing stuff. In a so-called democratic country having people banned. Guy is lucky he was not invited in to an office and then dismembered. NT what a place.

And Woolies at Casuarina has a new top shelf – yep mouthwash behind the counter. Buy a lighter and mouthwash then breathe fire.


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