Boundless Police in Schools

Police have been re-introduced into schools. The idea of police in schools is based on some premise that police will influence potential criminals to change their ways.

The idea is nice but a waste of money. Police in schools have nothing to do with behavior management and in the past were often not on site. The whole thing is a skive off for cops.

Police are needed to deal with crime let teachers run schools. If there is crime in schools then get the police. Forget the police holiday camp.


5 thoughts on “Boundless Police in Schools

  1. As a bailiff and investigator (licensed) I have from experience seen a benefit of having Police in schools particularly where the head teachers are often afraid to deal with bullying of students and other teachers. Trust me this has its merits.
    You also speak of Kezia Purick being perhaps tainted in her position – we monitor this with much scrutiny and will continue to support her thus far.
    Dan Carroll


  2. @Dan: The only thing Police should be doing to head teachers who are afraid to deal with bullying of students is locking them up for incompetence and a severe lack of duty of care. Where you drunk when you wrote that Dan?

    Obviously your ‘qualifications’ don’t qualify you to make rational comments about schools. Police are there to scare kids, nothing more. In fact, NT Police love tasering school kids, maybe that’s what you’re really after?:

    “we will continue to support her [office’s threats to our democratic system by intimidating others]”, are you a BBQ buddy of hers perhaps? Neighbours? Another sychophantic suck-up to so-called NT Elites?

    Stick to handing out papers and grabbing people’s furniture Dan.


  3. Seems Michael Gunner wants to support the Speaker and many of his colleagues do not. A politician who has or condones a public servant doing wrong needs to go with the public servant. As for Dan he needs a “a good serve” and a nice big registry stamp on his forehead! I am blogger (qualified and registered in Somalia).


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