Can You Believe Everything You Read?

Donald Trump says it all the time. Is he correct when he says ‘fake news’. Unfortunately Trump happens to be correct some of the time. Yes there is fake news and it put out there to fool you, to change your thoughts on certain topics, some would call it propaganda.

Is there fake news in the NT? While there is no so much fake news in the NT there is propaganda. The Sun Newspaper published each week by the NT News does contain some propaganda from the NT Government.

It all seems pretty harmless but it may not be. Our opinion is that Gray Matters in the Sun is very much for the Education Department of the NT. Most articles support the positions of the department. Is the author being fed information from the department and then getting it into the press.

Retired principal or secret agent for the NT Education Department? We leave it up to you to read his articles and make up your own mind.


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