Dysfunction Capital of Australia



The recent regurgitation of Dave Tollner by the press says something about the Northern Territory! Yep the NT is the dysfunction capital of Australia, the bottom of the heap. Having to get Dave Tollner back in the spotlight tells us that NT politics has hit rock bottom and all we have is the Tweets of Tollner.

Where is Ken Vowles with his reveal all Labor scandal? Nowhere to be seen! Where is his great Freedom of Information stab in the back?

Then there is the Kava debate. Kava was introduced by missionary do-gooders and then it got out of hand. However should we all suffer because Aboriginals cannot control their impulses? Senator Nanny State Scullion will have us all under a curfew with an Australia Card, he should have been in Soviet Union 50 years ago. When will micro-chipping Aboriginal children begin? Perhaps clinics and hospitals have already started doing it.



Senator Scullion should be looking for ways to assist the bottom line of the NT. Perhaps legalizing marijuana would be a positive move. But the control freaks in Canberra would intervene.

The NT will miss out on this cash cow opportunity!



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