NT Voters – Who Cares

So dumb, so dumb, I mean if the people of the NT had half a brain and stopped drinking for couple of seconds they’d realize how pathetic things are in the NT.

NT politicians are the worst in Australia. When you are voting in dumped executives from government departments then something is very wrong.  Eva Lawler is an example of such a politician. And business owners out at Pinelands have recently put Eva in her place over the new youth detention centre.

Just out of her depth and out of reality. Consult with business about where the new place will be located. Who wants to be confronted with the news that your new neighbor will be Don Dale No 2. Well Eva is doing a number 2 on those businesses.

No sign of the lobbyist and campaign helper Hylton Hayes who Eva relied heavily upon in the last NT election. We are sure that this man of mystery will show up again somewhere. Perhaps not at the Palmerston Markets. But he does do a great sausage sizzle according to some of our friends who were at one of Eva’s helpers functions.

Drysdale is set to be a tight contest in 2020 with the possibility of a new political party to take on Labor. Will Eva even be re-contesting anyway? Will Hylton Hayes being making a tilt at NT politics for Labor?



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