ABC Trumpets Woke

The ABC is woke central. Want to watch everything cancel culture then it’s your ABC. Every program on the national broadcaster is instilled with Marxist ideology in some form. Slowly drip by drip the ABC operates as a propaganda mouthpiece.

The best idea is to tune off the ABC. You will not be missing much.

According to Senator Price the  ABC has a “pattern” of stereotyping “white Australians as racists and Indigenous Australians as victims”.

ABC Leftist Temple?

Is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation just a leftist temple?

Is it time to scrap the ABC?

Is it time to have a simple emergency broadcasting network?

Does the ABC promote certain themes but not others?

It is already apparent to many that the ABC has been promoting a YES vote in the proposed referendum on a so-called Voice.

Thanks to Heidi from Wulagi for bring the ABC to our attention.

Heidi claims that the ABC uses terms like First Nations, The Voice and so on deliberately to brainwash the public.

We are unsure about brainwashing, most of the public do have a brain.

Public Servants Should Not Have To Leave The NT Because Their Managers Are Corrupt

Comments made by Adam Lampe to the ABC show that hard working honest public servants are being shafted by the Northern Territory Government in favour of those who are corrupt.

We quote from the ABC:

“If you’re a teacher and you’ve got an issue with a principal … generally speaking it’s the teacher that has to move, not the principal.”

He said both of the staff involved in the complaint had since left the school.

One was transferred to a different school in the Territory, and the other left the jurisdiction all together.

He said they were still reeling from the impacts of the ordeal and grappling with the fact that their concerns were dismissed at the time. LINK

Lawler’s Behaviour a Disgrace

Gary Higgins hit gold when he asked the Speaker about bullying, intimidation and harassment. The answer Eva Lawler mouthing off in the lifts in Parliament, it is called bullying.

Funny thing is when Eva worked in the Education Department she would have had employees she did not like investigated then sanctioned or sacked for the same behaviour she displayed in the lift. We are not using allegedly because Eva never did;  because hearsay is fact for her when it suits to attack people she does not like.

The flip side is if Eva likes you. Example Hylton Hayes the guy who made texts about getting rid of employees using a gun. This friend was mentioned in Eva’s maiden speech and was reported on by the ABC in a contracts scandal.

Gary Higgins keep the pressure up on Lawler, Drysdale could be a CLP gain in 2020.


No Cure for Web Hell

Craig Allen recently was quoted by the ABC as writing: “You should also be aware that what you do post on social media can be publicly accessible by a world audience immediately and often permanently — even after it’s deleted.”

For once Craig Allen is totally correct with his comments about web posts remaining permanently on the Internet. The Trust hopes that Craig’s words fall on deaf ears.

It’s great to think that some people are perpetually and permanently being roasted on the Internet, a bit like a pig on a spit except these “pigs” are very much alive. Every time their name enters a search engine then wham bang and their sins are revealed for all and sundry to laugh over or possibly salivate, whatever turns you on.

Hell in cyberspace, no matter if they are alive or dead their infamy is perpetually out there.



Damian Hale’s “Friends”

A few of the members of The Trust were discussing the initials DH and what they meant a few years ago in the politically incorrect past. Way back in the era of the Dick Head. The definition of a DH is a stupid, irritating or ridiculous man.

Now to another DH this time we refer to Damian Hale. Yes the one time member for Solomon.


Seen with the right people at the markets.


And again at the golf. What a croc!


Does Damian know anyone else?

Damian Hale Link 1

Damian Hale Link 2

Tony, Eva and Damian – “Friends” and course we cannot forget Michael.

With these friends Damian has no worries, Labor cronies will see you right with something from the public purse.

*Note the CLP is just as bad.