Welcome To Lauren Moss’s Terror Schools

NT Schools are the only schools in Australia where teachers need to have a tactical vest and helmet. The Umbakumba Community is getting some really great press at the moment. LINK

Is the Education Department secretly planning to hire Indian teachers once the pandemic is over? Nothing would surprise us here at The Trust.

Aspiring teachers wishing to come to the NT should have a read of this regional council site. LINK

Here is a worrying quote:

There is a need for culturally appropriate assistance to Indigenous people at risk of either causing harm or being harmed, including intoxicated people, people under the influence of substances, young people, victims of violence and the homeless.

Sounds a wonderful place, it conjures up romantic images of the noble savage! Anyone want come and save the world? Any “do gooders” out there?

Welcome to Lauren Moss’s “Terror Schools”.


Relevant Experience Tick Your Previous Teaching Experience.

Have you been:









When the Education Department’s webpages are examined they are out of date or hidden away with maintenance signs. Lauren Moss also has a transparency deficit.


AEU NT Comments On Umbakumba Violence Nothing New

Comments made by Jarvis Ryan, the AEU NT President about violence at Umbakumba would hardly be news to the Education Department. Umbakumba has had ongoing violence for decades, sure it comes in fits and starts but it has been ongoing.

Usually the Education Department will blame the teachers. It must be the poor programing or not having posters on the classroom walls that has caused the violence. The Department would even blame the teacher if the classroom wall was not there because vandals ripped it out.

As for Local Decision Making, it is yet another symbolic policy that the NT Government will pretend is working.

Umbakumba has one advantage, the violence makes a great cover for corruption in the school.

OK kids get out your knives and start chopping up your desks!

Perhaps Tony Considine has a great program on knife making and stabbing that will get the kids to school? Just sayin.




Teaching In The Terror-try


Seems that many teachers leave the NT feeling that they have been to the “terror-try” (pronounced terror tree). The report made by ICAC regarding the alleged activities of Jennifer Lea Sherrington goes some way to highlight this problem.

Comments made by AEU NT Secretary Adam Lampe indicate that teachers have to “escape” from the “terror-try”. What an experience! North Korea in Australia?

What is Lauren Moss doing about the situation? Probably nothing!


Public Servants Should Not Have To Leave The NT Because Their Managers Are Corrupt

Comments made by Adam Lampe to the ABC show that hard working honest public servants are being shafted by the Northern Territory Government in favour of those who are corrupt.

We quote from the ABC:

“If you’re a teacher and you’ve got an issue with a principal … generally speaking it’s the teacher that has to move, not the principal.”

He said both of the staff involved in the complaint had since left the school.

One was transferred to a different school in the Territory, and the other left the jurisdiction all together.

He said they were still reeling from the impacts of the ordeal and grappling with the fact that their concerns were dismissed at the time. LINK


We quote directly from a statement from the AEU NT published 6th July 2021.

Serious concerns relating management of Milingimbi School were first brought to the attention of the AEU NT Branch in mid-2017, when two teachers and AEU members employed at the school contacted our office with numerous and detailed complaints about practices within the school. Our members’ allegations were provided in writing and detailed.

AEU senior officers provided these allegations to senior DoE officers in August 2017, who agreed to investigate them. An external investigator was appointed. He visited Milingimbi at least once and produced a report for the Department in November 2017, which, our officers subsequently learned, found that the allegations were not substantiated. This outcome was confirmed to the employees who had made the complaint via letter from a senior departmental officer in December 2017.

DoE senior officers were thus made aware in mid-2017 of numerous concerns regarding this Principal’s conduct, thanks to the intervention of the AEU NT and the courage of our members who made the allegations at considerable professional risk. These two teachers were ostracised within the school at the principal’s behest because she suspected they had contacted the AEU. Their continuing employment there in such a hostile environment was untenable.

None of these comments come as a surprise to The Trust, we know the NT Government script. You can read the whole AEU NT statement at this Link.

The Trust also notes that the AEU NT did not conduct a media campaign at the material time they were contacted by union members with complaints against Jennifer Lea Sherrington, the principal of Milingimbi School at the time. Sadly unions seem to kowtow to the NT Government.

The AEU NT does not even name the principal concerned in the ICAC report. That says a lot about the approach taken by the AEU NT. Weak!



AEU’s Jarvis Ryan Naive On Political Realities Of Labor Government

Jarvis Ryan may have thought being snapped with Ministers on the fifth floor balcony of the NT Parliament House was cool. He now finds himself out in the cold on wage freezes. Labor may as well have tossed him off the balcony and then run him over with a bus.

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Jarvis and all the other suckers were out there in their red Labor shirts campaigning hard for Labor in the NT election. The pay off is a pay freeze. The CLP will be no better with their slash and burn mentality.

Why bother joining a union that does not get results? Pay freeze and probably little help when the shit does hit the fan.

Maybe Jarvis really wants a job back in the Education Department? Workforce relations officer perhaps? So Jarvis will not rock the boat too much.

Gunner Hijacked

Michael Gunner was recently hijacked. During a staged press conference at Karama Shopping Centre Gunner had to retreat to his car and speed off when June Mills hijacked the proceedings. This technique works well when you have advance notice of where our politicians will be.

Hijacking a Press Conference

Great move by June Mills. Congratulations.

See NT NEWS story




“Are you insane?”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner cops a spray from Larrakia woman June Mills

NT News 24/10/2018

CHIEF Minister Michael Gunner faced a hostile reception at a press conference in Karama this afternoon.

Mr Gunner was at the Karama shops with local member Ngaree Ah Kit and Larrakia Nation boss Robert Cooper to promote his Government’s new plan to target anti-social behaviour.

But the press conference was gatecrashed by Larrakia elder June Mills, who gave the Chief Minister a lengthy spray about law and order, fracking and grog policy.

Ms Mills said the Gunner Government’s policy of putting cops on bottlos was a “continued criminalisation” of Aboriginal people.

Mr Gunner took the bollocking from Ms Mills quietly until he was ushered into a waiting car and driven off.