Our Posts Are Hitting A Raw Nerve Out There!

We do not care, hopefully you will get upset and get off your arse and take action against fail nanny state NT.

No use complaining about Transparentnt! All we are doing is putting the NT up to a great big mirror.

Are you hiding in your house waiting for them come?

The Omega Man - IFC Center

“I rape your shop, your car, your window c*nt.”

NT Has Racial Crime War

The Northern Territory is war a zone, heading to be the same as South Africa. Buy your razor wire and high voltage electric fence kits today.

The NT Government has taken the soft approach to crime and criminals because the Labor Party keeps spouting out all that do-gooder inter-generational trauma rubbish.

If the crime war continues then it would hardly be surprising if vigilante groups started to emerge and take action. We have already read on social media some of the ideas people have. We do not support anything that is illegal and do not endorse vigilantes. We will not be surprised if people start to “lash out” though.

In 2019 an Alice Springs couple (Nicole Jetter and Russell McDonough) who were described as making a misguided vigilante style attack were given custodial sentences.

The NT Government has allowed a festering underclass to get worse, people who who never attend school and even if they do they will never work, all they know is drugs, violence and Centrelink. And they are coming to get you.

I Wear A Dot Painted Shirt And Suck On The Misery Tit

Aboriginal organizations have been criticized for perpetuating systemic inequalities and failing to adequately address the needs of their communities. This can manifest in various ways, such as through a lack of transparency and accountability, or through policies and practices that perpetuate dependency and perpetuate a cycle of poverty and marginalization.

Audit Magnifying Glass Clip Art

“Definitely signs of the bigotry of low expectations.”

More Of The Aboriginal Industry

It is unfortunate that Aboriginal people living in town camps and remote communities in the Northern Territory cannot see the big picture. What is this big picture? It is necessary to keep town camp and remote community dwellers as an underclass, an underclass that fuels a whole industry based on their misery.

The people who “suck on the tit” of the “Aboriginal Industry” are specialists in the bigotry of low expectations*. Rather than improving the lot of their “clients” they must ensure that nothing ever changes. Why? Simple there will be no “Aboriginal Industry” and the “tit” will dry up.

The underclass must be maintained!

The underclass must be maintained!


The “bigotry of low expectations” is a term used to describe the phenomenon where people hold lower standards or expectations for certain groups based on their race, gender, religion, or other demographic characteristics. This can create a cycle of negative stereotypes and limited opportunities, which can contribute to the creation of an underclass.

When people hold lower expectations for individuals or groups, they may not provide the same level of support or resources that they would for others. This can lead to limited access to education, job opportunities, and social mobility, which can make it difficult for people to escape poverty and improve their economic status. When low expectations are combined with discrimination and prejudice, it can create a cycle of disadvantage and exclusion that can be difficult to break.

The “underclass” is a term used to describe a group of people who are at the bottom of the social and economic ladder. They may face significant barriers to success, such as poverty, limited access to education and job opportunities, discrimination, and lack of social mobility. The underclass can include individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, but it is often used to describe groups that are disproportionately affected by poverty and social exclusion.

The “bigotry of low expectations” can contribute to the creation of an underclass by limiting the opportunities available to individuals and groups who are seen as less capable or deserving. This can create a self-fulfilling prophecy where people internalize negative stereotypes and don’t believe in their own potential. It can also lead to the perpetuation of poverty and disadvantage across generations.


ABC Trumpets Woke

The ABC is woke central. Want to watch everything cancel culture then it’s your ABC. Every program on the national broadcaster is instilled with Marxist ideology in some form. Slowly drip by drip the ABC operates as a propaganda mouthpiece.

The best idea is to tune off the ABC. You will not be missing much.

According to Senator Price the  ABC has a “pattern” of stereotyping “white Australians as racists and Indigenous Australians as victims”.