NT Businesses Sinking Under Labor’s Crime Wave

The Elephant in the Room: A critical inquiry into Appreciative Inquiry ...

Natasha Fyles and her gang pretend it does not exist. Anthony Albanese wants you to vote YES for a VOICE.

We say the NT has a crime wave and statistics show Aboriginal people are committing most crimes. Forget the VOICE, vote NO.

The NT Government must come up with alternative solutions to end the crime wave. The NT is sinking.

Voice Lobbyists – We Are Ready To Slop In The Voice Trough



I am here to help (myself), ready to investigate indigenous disadvantage. I want to write reports (that no one ever reads or implements) and get paid for it. I love going on tours and seeing a couple of smoking ceremonies.

They call me the Welcome to “Kuntry Kid”.

I cannot wait to join Albo in Canberra when I join “The Voice” and get my big fat juicy sitting fees and associated perks.

Albo Off With The Birds On Voice

Opponents of the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s proposal for a “First Nations Voice” argue that it would be an unnecessary duplication of existing representative structures. They also argue that it could lead to divisive politics and that the proposed body would not be truly representative of Indigenous Australians. Some critics also argue that the proposal would be too expensive to implement and that the government should focus on other initiatives that would have a more direct impact on Indigenous communities.

Labor Looking After Mates

Does Kent Rowe get special privileges in prison?

We have to wonder whether Labor mates get a special deal?

Does not matter what you do as long as you are a Labor mate. As for the idiots who elect Labor to office, they should all be given the deluxe “Kent Roweing” As someone told one of our members “I just do not believe it, Kent is not like that” so nothing to fear!

No doubt this has been “sputtered” to Rowe, “don’t you worry Kent, we will set you up with something when you are out”, it could have come from the very lips of the Chief Minister, we do not know.