Jed Hansen = Moron = CLP

The Trust says it as it is. The CLP’s Jed Hansen is a moron, No doubt the Labor Party think he is great.

The CLP cannot claim that they are rational political party when the likes of Jed Hansen are running around the NT.

He had to be reprimanded! The CLP should have ditched the idiot. Talk about a political liability.


Vaccination And Religion

It certainly seems that religion is being used a lot by anti-vaccination individuals and groups.

One such anti-vaccination individual of note in the USA is Michael Kane. You can read about Kane in this LINK.

In a recent discussion program on BBC radio when asked his beliefs by a fellow guest Kane was very vague, he did not quote from any religious text.

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss in an article from July 2021 stated:

The problem is that the same people who eagerly promote anti-vaccine misinformation are just as eager to misuse religion to avoid vaccinating, and have no hesitation or compunction about coaching others to do the same. And without policing, it is easy for those misled by anti-vaccine misinformation to use the religious exemption.

You can read Reiss’s article in this LINK.





Phillips, Hammett And Anstess Just Stooges

In reading Phillips & Ors v Chief Health Officer & Anor [2021] NTSC 97 (Phillips) we have noted that Ray Phillips, Conan Hammett and John Anstess are just stooges of United NT Business.

In paragraph 13 of Phillips the defendants (the NT Government) noted that on the 13th of October 2021 it was announced that vaccinations would be mandatory yet it took the plaintiffs almost two months before they commenced proceedings. The three plaintiffs in Phillips could never have afforded to commence proceedings were it not United NT Business, hence why we call the plaintiffs stooges.

Phillips brings into question so-called special measures arrangements in relation to Aboriginals in the Northern Territory. In paragraph 22 of Phillips there is a mention of a ‘special measure’ made for the benefit of Aboriginal people. Should the plaintiffs at a later date receive a positive judgement in this matter it be the end of special measures in all matters related to Aboriginals in the Northern Territory including government employment.

The Trust has only one message for the three stooges, go and get vaccinated and stop wasting everyone’s time. As for United NT Business (the CLP by proxy) the vaccination mandate serves as a vehicle to get some headlines.

Three Stooges Film Fest — The Newtown Theatre


More Anti-Vax Madness

Just go and get vaccinated. Stop whinging and face reality. The reality is that Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is contagious and kills some people.

Conspiracy theories are simply that at the present time, just conspiracy theories. The protesters need to take a reality check and stop being professional whingers. What amazes us here at The Trust is that these anti-vax idiots do not have the passion to take on real issues such as government corruption. Not a f**king peep.

Then we have United NT Businesses (UNTB) apparently lead by Mario Tsirbas.  Then there is UNTB solicitor Danial Kelly, is Mr Kelly just the solicitor or is he a believer? We should note that Mr Kelly contested the 2020 election for Territory Alliance in the division of Casuarina where he received 730 primary votes to Lauren Moss’s 2307.

The Territory Alliance website states next to a video of Mr Kelly that:

We believe in positive and healthy collaborations with like minded people. We believe that our diversity is an asset. We believe that we can have different ideas and opinions yet remain respectful of each other.

What a bunch of mumbo jumbo!

It is also noted that the NT Independent gave good coverage to UNTB. Could it be that Owen Pike has a connection to UNTB?