Dangerous Organisations – Charities and Other Non-Government Entities

They are supposedly not a business nor are they a political organisation yet they operate in the business and political sphere. Some of these organisations are under the sway of individuals in Australia whilst others are clearly in in the sphere of influence of foreign powers.

What organisations are we referring to?

Charities, schools, religious institutions and other related service delivery organisations.

These organisations are like fungal mycellium. Slowly taking over the public sphere.

"show me the mycelium" - Mushroom Hunting and Identification ...

Once again the Australian Government is asleep at the wheel. The population of Australia needs to be put under the microscope to discover what really goes on.


Is it time for a national identification card?

Remember the Australia Card?

What are ASIO and ASIS doing?

Was Shane Warne Killed By Russian Agents?

Shane Warne killed by Russian agents. An interesting idea, what a great conspiracy theory. The story might go something like this, Warne was actually an agent for ASIS on a mission when he was compromised and met his end. Sadly, it is unlikely that Shane Warne was killed by the Russians. What a great story it would have been.

By writing this we may have started an urban myth.

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Are You Being Watched By ASIO Or ASIS?

We say let them watch.

Who knows what these murky organisations are doing.

False flag attacks from so-called terrorists who have been monitored for months and allowed to do minimal damage in order to convince the politicians greater security powers are needed?

Do we need a Gleiwitz incident?

Are the Chinese funding organisations that can launch pro-China candidates in elections? No doubt Chinese funding would be attractive to some!

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Are the Indians seeking to gain greater influence in Australia?

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