Scott Morrison = Hillsong = Corruption

Politics and religion, like pouring water into a hot fries cooker at McDonald’s.

We note that Scott Morrison’s brand of religion seems to ignore government health orders. LINK

Religious groups that decide to operate outside the law, that lobby and influence politicians, must be considered dangerous.


Who Do Our Politicians Answer To?

The Trust believes that too many of our politicians are under the sway of companies and/or foreign powers. Why are our politicians so ready to do deals with a foreign power? Yet the NT Government or local government has no remit in foreign affairs. The Commonwealth has been too slow to reign in dodgy deals with foreign powers.

The Northern Territory has a China problem. Michael Gunner and Kon Vatskalis are two NT politicians who appear to be closely aligned with Chinese interests. Who is their real master?

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Eva’s Coronavirus Economic Recovery

Capturworkers camp

Media reports regarding the use of the former INPEX camp as a quarantine facility for those possibly exposed to Coronavirus have given Eva Lawler some limelight.

What is very worrying is that Lawler believes that the virus can help recover the failing economy of the NT. A virus lead recovery.

Should we worry?


Schhool next to virus




No Cure for Web Hell

Craig Allen recently was quoted by the ABC as writing: “You should also be aware that what you do post on social media can be publicly accessible by a world audience immediately and often permanently — even after it’s deleted.”

For once Craig Allen is totally correct with his comments about web posts remaining permanently on the Internet. The Trust hopes that Craig’s words fall on deaf ears.

It’s great to think that some people are perpetually and permanently being roasted on the Internet, a bit like a pig on a spit except these “pigs” are very much alive. Every time their name enters a search engine then wham bang and their sins are revealed for all and sundry to laugh over or possibly salivate, whatever turns you on.

Hell in cyberspace, no matter if they are alive or dead their infamy is perpetually out there.